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Muriel and the Second Man

Posted in Dream Creates Reality on February 1, 2009 by Phantasme

Toxic Terminus Sky

2nd Man appears, where Muriel is lurching through a squalid and grimy city, rambling and occasionally screaming incoherent truths to passers by.

Muriel: Who are you?

2nd: (in floating text) I am Second. Man.

Muriel: Why are you talking to me?

2nd: (in floating text) You see truth. And. / Are harmed by it. /
I wish to save you.

Muriel: (after a very long pause) Oh, thank you.

He takes her out of her reality and into his, where she is cradled in an egg-like crib.

Muriel: What is this?

2nd: (in floating text) It / will / take care of the rest of your needs.

Muriel: …that’s good.

2nd: (in floating text) … / It was the only solution, in your case.

The crib begins its work: Muriel is engulfed; her head is separated from her body, carefully flayed, and sheathed in technology. She goes through a bizarre process of realizing she can manipulate her appearance, and then passes into a stage-setting from which she can step into other realities.